Artist Statement


As a musician, I work with a canvas of sound. I am equipped to create and influence using the tools of sonic color, timbre, texture, rhythm and pitch. But beyond these musical realities and devices, I believe deeply that the canvas on which musicians work is also the social environments we breathe in every day.
    I care profoundly about human flourishing, and believe that the creative joy of music is vital to it. In this way, I experience both an obligation and an irresistible pull to use my musicianship to address social inequities, participate in restorative justice, alleviate suffering, and demonstrate healing patience in a violent and hurried age. This makes me an eternal student, juxtaposing old and new, and collaborating across cultural barriers as a way to dismantle the very systems and structures that keep those barriers alive. 
    I make music, and with it I can make much, much more.