Curating Advent // PART II: Simeon

Advent is the beginning of the liturgical calendar for many Christians around the world. Advent, which means "a visitation," is a season wherein we reflect upon the darkness that surrounds us, long for God to break in, rejoice at the visitation of His Son, and hope for His return. In this series, I will share various works of art and musical selections to enrich our experience of this holy season. Each post will contain a short reflection along with one artwork and one piece of music. 

On Friday, I shared a captivating image of Mary and her son, the Holy Son of God, Jesus. 

Today, I want to explore through art and music another incredible and peculiar individual from the Incarnation narrative: Simeon. Luke 2:25-35 introduces us to Simeon and as He meets the Holy Infant, he bursts into song. This song, known as the Song of Simeon, or as a traditional benediction of the church "Nunc Dimittis" (which means, "now dismiss"), is commonly explored in Advent, as Simeon himself had long awaited the visitation of the Messiah. 

I share with you below a work of art that captures so wonderfully both the joy of Simeon, as well as his consolation (which are both now, in turn, ours as well!). 

It seems somewhat self-indulgent, but Joel wrote a tune for Simeon's Song this week, and we led it in church this morning. It feels appropriate to share alongside this artwork. Unfortunately, due to some recording bumps, I can only share part (we sang it twice through; second time with harmonies). Attached beneath the recording is a PDF of the sheet music. 

Peace be with you. 

"Simeon's Moment" by Ron DiCianni

"Simeon's Moment" by Ron DiCianni